High Definition Professional Makeup

The result of many years of research, NUMERIC PROOF has set itself the goal of meeting the new constraints related to digital cameras (4K, 8K among others). This work has given birth to high-end textures, combining coverage and transparency, this subtle balance has produced a matte yet bright makeup. In low light, the skin is natural which is essential in digital, and keeps a sublimated complexion. NUMERIC PROOF has become, as confirmed by Isabelle Voinier’s beautiful technical book on digital constraints, the professional brand of high-definition make-up.

After ten years in the almost exclusive service of professionals, NUMERIC PROOF is now focused on winning over a new clientele.

With our experience on the quality of pigments, our requirement on textures, comfort and hold, we offer NUMERIC PROOF to all people who are attentive to their image.

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Isabelle Voinier’s book

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This book is for makeup artists working mainly in the fields of film and television. But also for cameramen who want to know more about the discipline with which they are in contact every day. I often noticed a certain helplessness in the makeup department compared to the camera technology. I have been asked several times to write written information where all the details have been spelled out. The contemporary era of HDTV is a revolution…

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